Port Wing, Wisconsin

                 on Lake Superior's South Shore






Town of Port Wing

Population: 368


Ice Fish, Ski, Snowmobile, Eat, Hike, Enjoy & Relax




Winter in Port Wing and along the South Shore is a wonderful time of the year.


Enjoy a drive along the Lake Superior Scenic Byway on Highway 13 from Superior to Bayfield.


Check out the marina in Port Wing. Winter makes beautiful ice sculptures along the shoreline. If you are lucky you will see the otters playing on the ice floes in the harbor.


Enjoy more outdoor active activities - ski, ice fish, snowmobile, walk, hike!


Have fun!  Mother Nature awaits your visit.





Congratulations to the South Shore girls basketball players and coaches on winning the Regional championship!


Upcoming School/Finance
Informational Meeting


Wednesday, March 25, 2015
7pm - South Shore Commons

Voter information on proposed referendum.
Attendees will be provided with district finance information and tax impact if the referendum passes or fails.
District residents are urged to attend and give input.


Last Updated: 3/1/2015