Port Wing is a Creative Community

If you visit Hoth-Lee Art Gallery or our summer Saturday Market, or any of the craft fairs held in Port Wing, the wide variety of creative activities produced by numerous Port Wing residents will be instantly apparent.

On this page we feature the people in our community who are willing to share their artistic and creative talents with others, whether as a part of an established business or more informally at craft fairs and other similar events, or as a hobby just for fun.

Here are just a few people from our Creative Community.  Please email us if there are other creative Port Wing people that should be added.

Jill Corr - Quilting with several area quilting groups, including one that donates quilts to every South Shore School graduating senior every year.

Tamara Fisher - Quilting and quilting with a long-arm quilting machine. Her work can be seen in her new Port Wing quilt shop -- Fisher Under Cover

Sharon Graham - Painting, pottery and many other creative activities.

Leann Hess - Quilting, woodcarving, making fireplace mantels and more.

Sandra Hoth - Photography, framing & formatting photos.  Her work can be seen in her business--Hoth-Lee Art Gallery.

Gregory & Terese Melis - Pottery, jewelry. Their work can be seen at Hoth-Lee Art Gallery.

Jeannie Perry - Painting signs and decorative pieces of all sizes.  Her work can be found at the Port Wing Saturday Market and other area art fairs.

Karleen Tjepkema - Fiber arts, paper arts and many others. Examples of her work can be found at Hoth-Lee Gallery.

And we know there are many more.  Give us suggestions of others we should add!