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Helga Skogsbergh - Author of Comes the Day, Comes a Way

Born in Duluth, Minnesota, Helga moved with her parents to the Port Wing, Wisconsin, community as a child and lived in a cabin near the shore of Lake Superior.  Here she grew up witnessing the struggles and successes of the early Port Wing pioneers.  Later she taught for a number of years in the Port Wing school, one of the first consolidated schools in the United States.  Later she lived in Minneapolis where she continued to teach.

Comes the Day, Comes a Way is the fulfillment of a promise Helga made to her mother as she was leaving home to go to school. She promised that she would write a book about their experiences as Swedish immigrants and homesteaders, and the strong faith those early inhabitants of Port Wing needed to thrive in those early years.

Helga Skogsbergh
Young Boy Lost
Young Boy Lost

Clendon Gustafson - Author of Young Boy Lost: Tommy's First Chance and Tommy's Second Chance

Clendon Gustafson, author of Young Boy Lost, grew up in Port Wing, then left to go to college to be a teacher.  He taught for several years, went back to school for administration, and considers himself privileged to return "home" to serve as superintendent, principal and special education director of South Shore School in Port Wing.  Young Boy Lost is his first book as a published author.

Tommy is growing up in northern Wisconsin in the early 1900s. His family is very poor and when he is abandoned by his abusive father, he is taken in by a Christian couple with three young children.  Life gets better for him there, but the book then follows him and his friend, Eric, through many adventures from the northwoods of Wisconsin and on to Chicago.  The boys’ adventures include train rides, kidnapping, rescue attempts, horse rides, a blizzard, thin ice, and more. Read more to see Tommy's life unfold from being "lost" to what happens next.

Copies available from Amazon.com in Kindle and print versions.

Young Boy Lost: Tommy's Second Chance
Young Boy Lost: Tommy's Second Chance
Life on the Water by Janet Johnson
Life on the Water by Janet Johnson

Janet Johnson - Author of Life on the Water: A Commercial Fisherman's Tale on Lake Superior

Written from the perspective of Jeff as a young 8-year-old, Life on the Water tells about the experiences, dangers and challenges of being a commercial fisherman on Lake Superior.  Jeff's great-grandfather, Alick, came to America from Sweden in 1889 and settled here on the South Shore with his three sons.  They fished Lake Superior for many years for trout, whitefish, herring, and chubs.  Then in 1947 one of his sons, Everett, began the smoked fish business in several small area smokehouses, now continuing today as a thriving local business in one large, modern facility--Everett's Fisheries--run by his son, Eric "Smoky," and family, including his wife Janet, the author of this book.

Jeff, now an adult, and his family members still take the Julie Ann out on the Lake, as long as weather allows, to carry on a four-generation tradition.  Read more about the life of Lake Superior fishermen in Life on the Water: A Commercial Fisherman's Tale on Lake Superior.

Copies available from Johnson's Store in Port Wing and Xlibris Corporation - orders@xlibris.com

Gary Perkins, Author
Gary & Laurie Perkins

Gary Perkins - Author of Rural Delivery

Gary Perkins, born and raised in the small town of Morris, in western Minnesota, has been a radio broadcaster, television news anchorman, and a businessman.  He is also proud to be a veteran of the United States Air Force.

Since writing his first book, Baby Boomers….50 Ain’t Bad, Gary and his wife Laurie have permanently settled in Port Wing, a quaint little village along the south shore of Lake Superior in northwestern Wisconsin where everybody knows their neighbor.  Gary and Laurie share their home with Rocky and Rose, two beautiful little bundles of fur who run the household.  The Perkins home is as you might imagine, a white house, surrounded by a white picket fence.  Gary and Laurie have four daughters--Dana, Shannon, Heather and Aimee.  They also have five grandchildren--Devin, Danielle, Carter, Nico and Brooklyn.

This book is a heartwarming blend of short stories.  Gary is an author that can take the ordinary and the extraordinary in his small town life and find a story.  You will laugh and cry while reading this reality based fiction, but somehow Gary will touch your heart. Gary has a unique perspective on life.  “Everyday is a Saturday and every meal is a banquet."   “I’m livin’ the dream."

His wife, Laurie Perkins, born and raised in Port Wing, is the daughter of Bob and Holly Carlson. Gary joins writer Helga Skogsbergh, author of Comes the Day, Comes a Way, in depicting the heart and soul and community spirit of the Port Wingers living by the big lake.

Illustrated by Sharon Graham, local business owner of Trout Run Art Gallery.
Copies available from Hoth-Lee Art Gallery in Port Wing.

Rural Delivery by Gary Perkins
Rural Delivery by Gary Perkins

Teri Power - Compiler of Isle Royale Families Cookbook: A Collection of Recipes from Summer Residents 1886-2013

Teri Power, along with her husband Robert, has been a Port Wing weekend-and-summer resident of Port Wing for many years.  But as a child her family was a part of the community of people living on Isle Royale, an island located 22 miles off the North Shore of Minnesota at Grand Portage.  And her experiences there have led to this compilation of recipes and stories arranged by the various families that made up the community.

The book is a great collection of recipes for fish, of course, but also all of the soups, breads, desserts, jams and jellies from native berries, and more that could be found at family gatherings through the years since 1886.

This book is available at Hoth-Lee Art Gallery in Port Wing and from Teri Powers - tpower@amerytel.net

All proceeds go to support the Isle Royale Family and Friends Association.

Isle Royale Cookbook - Teri Power
Isle Royale Cookbook - Teri Power
Hero's Welcome by Sharon Durken
Hero's Welcome by Sharon Durken

Sharon Durken - Author of Hero's Welcome

Sharon Durken has made her part-time home in Port Wing for several years.  She has two sons and she lives in a log cabin in rural Port Wing with her Golden Retriever named Hannah, and Main Coon cat, Pompeii.  She has published stories, articles, and poems in newspapers and magazines in several states.  When not writing, she travels, quilts and teaches rug making classes. She is currently working on a Civil War poetry book and a novel set in the 1860's.

Hero's Welcome tells what happens when the past you've hidden suddenly reappears but not in an expected way. Laurel's life was settled but ghosts of the past, Vietnam, and stolen youth will soon intrude on her safe, yet lonely life.  Page after page is filled with the keys to unlock the secrets of times and places many fear to go. How far do we go to protect the past and those closest to us?

Copies of her book are available from Amazon and will be available in area businesses.