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Work Better Together

Boreal Leadership LLC is a professional services firm specializing in organizational consulting and leadership development. We coach, facilitate, collaborate, consult, and solve.

Our mission is to help people work better together.

Schedule a conversation to discover how we become an extension of your team, ease the pain of learning, and inspire change, no matter role, title, or location.

Organizational Consulting and Leadership Development Services

1:1 Leadership Coaching (offered virtually)

Organizational and Management Consulting (offered virtually)

Strategic Planning Facilitation (offered virtually)

Team Building Workshops (offered virtually)

Executive Retreats

Evidence-based Leadership Assessments (on-line and virtual)

Strengthen Skills from Anywhere

The essential communication, collaboration, and leadership skills needed to get things done with other people, especially during times of change and disruption, are strengthened with an experienced leader, certified listening practitioner, coach, and learning facilitator. All organizational development and learning solutions are offered virtually so you can learn from anywhere.

When was your last A-ha! moment?

At Boreal, our objective is your A-Ha! Your Boreal learning experience is intentionally designed for personal growth. We pair engaging curriculum with candid conversations to strengthen evidence-based leadership skills, develop confidence, expand emotional agility, and provoke critical thinking.

If you decide to strengthen your leadership skills with Boreal, your personal learning facilitator and leadership coach will meet you where you are, challenge comfort-zone thinking, ease the pain of learning, inspire action towards co-created objectives, and help shift ineffective 'command, control, and compete' management habits towards evidence-based leadership behaviors.

Inspired Change No Matter Role, Title, or Location

If you are looking for help with leading change, effective learning facilitation, engaging employees, evidence-based leadership development tools, and an experienced perspective on what it means to be a skilled leader and inspired organization in the 21st-century, while exploring virtual learning solutions for costly communication and collaboration challenges at work, we invite you to send us an email with your questions or schedule a virtual conversation to learn how we ease the pain of learning and inspire change, no matter role, title, or location.


"I learned that I can be a leader. I have never thought of myself as a leader because I don’t match the cliché description of a leader – like being charismatic – and I am usually the one in the back of the room taking everything in. From taking the assessment, discussions, and observations during this process, I have realized that leadership is a learned skill. No one is born a leader. For me, professionally, it has helped me to feel like I can accomplish my future career goals and to pursue leadership positions. I would recommend Boreal’s learning experiences to anyone interested in improving their management skills, communication skills, or increasing their overall productivity. Communicating effectively and efficiently to all individuals not only helps individuals to be more productive in their roles within an organization, but it can also help businesses to be more productive overall by eliminating costly mistakes that can be avoided in the first place by communicating clearly. Listening and communication are skills that transcend all industries. I would highly recommend Boreal to any business or organization!" - Operations and Communication Manager, Workforce and Economic Development

"Yes!  I recommend Boreal and Amy Hubbell! Amy made me a priority.  She prepared for our sessions and it was clear she did tons of prep and thinking related to me.  I could tell she knew me and wanted to put time and effort into my leadership.  I am more confident, and more courageous.  I am less afraid to try new things, and less afraid to fail. I also believe that I think more broadly and more about the future and where we’re going. Amy allowed me to be myself.  We explored all sorts of stuff but the rapport was there for me to be vulnerable so we could really get to the issues and not just address superficial stuff.  I always felt like we were working on topics and skills that were really relevant to me.  Amy also left room for me to bring up stuff that was going on with me – right then – and that was so reassuring as I was finding my way. She’s so badass!  Just by knowing her, I’m a better leader and a better person." -Executive Director, Non-Profit

"I highly recommend Amy Hubbell as a leadership development mentor and coach. Our organization had the privilege of working with Amy Hubbell as a leadership development mentor and coach. We had a goal to improve internal communication and to develop leaders in every facet of our organization. We are well on our way of achieving those goals and more because of the direction Amy provided. Not only is Amy sincere, she is engaging and brings the same high level of energy and interest to each session. Amy uses a format of learning that starts with self and observer assessments and includes individual and group leadership development sessions. She can identify where the individuals are at in their leadership development journey and provides sessions tailored to fit those needs. Along with the individual and group learning sessions, Amy led us through the process of identifying and developing strategic organizational goals and action plans to move our organization forward. As we went through the process, we started to create an organizational culture built on trust. Using the Leadership Challenge® traits as a foundation, we began to consistently and frequently communicate the how and why of our strategic organizational goals, mission, and core values. The leadership skills I’ve gained in this process have been crucial in helping me to grow, to build a strong team, to work through conflict, to set goals and to keep everyone moving in the right direction. I highly recommend Amy Hubbell as a leadership development mentor and coach. I truly enjoyed working with her and continue to reach out to her for support." -CFO, Non-Profit Organization

“Absolutely, I would recommend Amy. I already have! I feel like Boreal can help other CEOs advance their teams and build a stronger structure. Completion of the ECHO inspired me to look at how I deliver information and how I receive it and what biases are involved in both transactions.  I have been able to tweak how I do things in hopes of better engaging, my staff.” CEO, Workforce Development

"My customized leadership development training felt like it met me where I was on many levels. Amy listened to my needs and desires to become a better, more effective leader. As my leadership journey was just beginning, it was clear I needed to begin defining who I am and how to demonstrate myself, my leadership style and how I wanted to make an impact. Each session, book assignment, article, video and task propelled me to a clearer picture of myself, my team and my vision – through self-reflection, intention, and repetition. I was able to implement learned behaviors at work and home. Building trust and demonstrating my care for people have been immediate goals; along with having difficult conversations and leading by example. The Leadership Challenge® curriculum and training addressed my needs and continue to guide me daily and shape how I plan and vision for the future. I highly recommend Amy Hubbell as a leadership development trainer and coach."  -Executive Director, Non-Profit





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