Birding in Port Wing

***Port Wing has recently completed the required steps and has been named a
Bird City by the Bird City Wisconsin organization!***

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The location of Port Wing along Lake Superior makes it an ideal spot for birdwatching.  Whether the birds are seasonal "residents" or just stopping by while migrating north or south, watching the birds is a great source of entertainment for people in the Port Wing area.

The Port Wing Boreal Forest SNA (State Natural Area) located along Lake Superior is a great birding spot.  Walk through the forest along Big Pete Road in the eastern section of the Boreal Forest or near the shore on Quarry Beach in the western section to see a wide variety of birds.

The Port Wing Area Business Association has applied for Port Wing to be designated as a Bird City as part of the Bird City Wisconsin project.

Birdwatching Sites of Interest

Supporting Birds Through Social Activism

Laura Erickson's 101 Ways to Help Birds page--all the text from 101 Ways to Help Birds with updated information

Boreal Birds Need Half: Support North America's Bird Nursery - Petition site urging support of keeping North American boreal forest areas protected and free from industrial disturbance.


Keeping Birds Healthy

Avoiding window collisions:

Bird Counts - Contribute to science and conservation

Creating and Enhancing Backyard Habitat for Birds